Author Guidelines

Instructions for camera-ready version

1. Please take into account the reviewer comments when preparing your camera ready papers. The maximum length of camera-ready papers is 6 pages. Please add copyright clearance code notice on the bottom of the first page or use the template:

2. Please check the format of your paper at IEEE PDF eXpress site using IWBF2016 conference ID 37488X. The PDF eXpress check will be available from the 5th of December 2015 until the paper camera ready submission deadline.

3. Please fill, sign, scan and upload the IEEE copyright notice via the online submission system:

4. Please upload your camera-ready paper via the online submission system:

5. Please register for IWBF2016 at For papers to be included in the final program/published by IEEE Xplore at least one author per paper must register by the paper camera ready submission deadline.

Note: Please do not hesitate to contact Nicolas Tsapatsoulis (mail to or Andreas Lanitis (mail to if you need any clarifications.


Instructions for poster presentations

Poster size: B1 (27.8in width x 39.4in height) in portrait orientation
Please be aware that a poster is not intended to be a reproduction of your paper in the proceedings.

Poster Preparation:
Poster sessions are a valuable method for authors to present papers and meet with interested attendees for in-depth technical discussions. The poster should provide a brief overview of your work. It is important that you display your results clearly to attract people who have an interest in your work and your paper. Make your poster as self-explanatory as possible. This will save you time to use for discussions and questions.

Please use an appropriate font size for the posters in order that they are readable by the workshop participants from 1.5m away. The title of your poster should appear at the top in capital letters about 25mm (1 inch) high. Below the title, put the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s). Use color for highlighting and to make your poster attractive. Use pictures, diagrams, figures ,etc., rather than only text wherever possible. The smallest text on your poster should be at least 9mm (3/8 inch) high, and the important points should be in a larger size.

Poster Highlights:
In addition to the poster itself, authors should prepare a short presentation (suggestion: 2 slides) highlighting the main contributions of the poster. Each presentation is allocated a time slot of 2 minutes. The poster session follows these short highlights allowing for a detailed discussion. It is important to respect the time constraints to allow the presentations to fit within the allocated time periods. The session chair will enforce these time limits. Please be at the session room 15 minutes before your session begins, so that you can meet your session chair and the other speakers in advance.

At the Conference:
Prepare a short presentation (several minutes) that you can periodically give to those assembled around your poster. Be ready to give it several times as people move through the area. If there is more than one author attending the conference, all should attend the poster presentation to aid in the presentation and discussion and to provide the main presenter with a chance to rest and to answer questions.

Posters should be put up during registration time on the 3rd March before the start of the workshop and be removed on the 4th of March at the end of the workshop.

Please do not write on the poster boards. There will be members of the conference unit to ensure that facilities are working properly, and to give you any assistance you may need during the poster session. There will be no audio-visual equipment for poster presentations.

Authors are required to stand by their posters during the whole poster session.


IWBF 2016


Limassol, Cyprus


03 - 04 March, 2016


Crowne Plaza Hotel - 4*


For academic matters please contact:

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Cyprus University of Technology

P: +357 25 002 614

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Andreas Lanitis
Cyprus University of Technology

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